Plant u een korte bruiloft, kleine bruiloft of schaking?

HUWELIJKFOTOGRAFIE STUDIO'S GEOPEND TIJDENS COVID-19 - Veel koppels willen niet wachten. Ze zijn van plan om in de zeer nabije toekomst te trouwen, weg te lopen of een kleine ceremonie te houden met hun fotograaf, enkele goede vrienden en familie, maar het receptiefeest af te schaffen of uit te stellen. 

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Green T. House, Beijing, China Huwelijksceremonie fotografie van de bruid en bruidegom bij het altaar hand in hand

Green T. House, Beijing, China Afbeelding huwelijksceremonie | de bruid en bruidegom wilden een bruiloft die tot geen enkel cultureel gen behoort
Green T.House, Beijing, China wedding ceremony

De huwelijksceremonie was een groot succes en de gasten juichten.

The first time I met the new couple of this wedding was in a 798 restaurant in Beijing. The background of their growth is not simple. Kalan, the groom, is a Bermuda (UK) American hybrid, born in Papua New Guinea, grew up in Pakistan, Israel, Albania, Italy, and the Philippines. Amelia, the bride, is Persian, born in Hong Kong, grew up in China Mainland. For new people with such a complex life background, which cultural tradition should they choose as the wedding theme? The answer is none of them because they want to have a wedding that doesn’t belong to any kind of cultural gene. They think that those weddings with luxurious dresses and luxurious cloth but passing by according to the book are not attractive to them.

De bruiloft vond plaats in de Green T. House in Peking, China. It was a wedding in which the whole family participated, and each family member contributed his intelligence. The cake was designed by Amelia’s mother and decorated with peony flowers. Kalan’s mother helped find and decorate the wedding venue, which the two families spent the whole day. Amelia’s cousin, a graphic designer, designed invitations and flow sheets.

Amelia’s sister made the table card and provided support. Kalan’s sister is a singer. She sang at the wedding and acted as the host of the party. Kalan’s other sister produced a slide show at the party about their childhood and the scene of proposing. Another cousin of Amelia was responsible for guiding the guests to use a Polaroid instant camera to take photos and made check-in cards. Even Amelia’s younger sister, who is less than 10 years old, also helped in every link. The whole family devoted so much energy and effort. It was undoubtedly a valuable treasure for the new couple!

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