Plant u een korte bruiloft, kleine bruiloft of schaking?

HUWELIJKFOTOGRAFIE STUDIO'S GEOPEND TIJDENS COVID-19 - Veel koppels willen niet wachten. Ze zijn van plan om in de zeer nabije toekomst te trouwen, weg te lopen of een kleine ceremonie te houden met hun fotograaf, enkele goede vrienden en familie, maar het receptiefeest af te schaffen of uit te stellen. 

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Atlanta burgerlijke ceremonie bruiloft Foto gemaakt terwijl het paar viert nadat ze wettelijk getrouwd zijn

Atlanta schaking fotografie | het paar viert feest nadat ze wettelijk getrouwd zijn
Fulton County Government Center, Atlanta, GA

Cath en Laura vieren feest nadat ze wettelijk getrouwd zijn.

When Cath met Laura, she was ready to give up on online dating services. Thank goodness she didn't, because the next match was the one they had both been waiting for.

Hun eerste date was een yogales van 9 uur op zondagochtend. Na de les lunchten ze samen en praatten ze twee of drie uur.

The wedding was totally spontaneous. Laura was listening to the radio and heard about the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. She called Cath to tell her about it. The two had been tossing around the idea of marriage but had made no plans. When Cath heard that there was going to be a mass wedding in downtown Atlanta that day, she proposed to Laura over the phone, asking if she wanted to get married that very day.

Laura was hesitant at first because she wanted her whole family to be able to share in the joy. So Cath told Laura to call her parents to see if they could make it. When they found out Laura’s parents were willing to drive from Conyers to come, Cath and Laura decided to head to the courthouse. They also called and invited a few friends and co-workers.

Everything happened so quickly, Cath and Laura didn't have time to buy rings, so they borrowed rings from their friends, Hilary and Katie. 

Their wedding was one of a series of 14 same-sex weddings that took place at the Fulton County government center across the street from the Fulton County Courthouse.