Teramo-huwelijksfotografie door Pierpaolo Cialini van Abruzzo - Italië
2000 + (EUR)

Pierpaolo Cialini

Huwelijksfotograaf in Italië

Pierpaolo Cialini is a professional photographer specialized in wedding reportage that operates in Italy and abroad. He will tell your big day through an intense, exciting and creative photographic reportage, able to capture the authenticity of every moment in total discretion but in a refined and refined manner. The fundamental element of his photographic language is emotion, that is the story enclosed within every single shot. Pierpaolo will become the eyes of the spouses and of the guests, behaving like a figure inside the wedding, but almost invisible, immortalizing the emotions, the smiles, the tears, but above all the love.
Relying on the collaboration of a staff of professionals, Pierpaolo Cialini will create a photo and video service (aerial footage with drone included) that will allow you to relive the emotions of your big day whenever you want.
Pierpaolo Cialini is the winner of several awards recognized nationally and internationally.