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Luis Garvan
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Fille Roelants

Fille Roelants

Fille graduated as a pharmacist in 2010 but soon felt this profession was not his true calling. During his studies, he got fascinated by photography. Two years after his graduation he started taking his hobby to a new level by photographing parties and events he would normally attend as a guest.
Especially attracted by beautiful light and human emotions he started photographing big festivals and parties around the globe.

After 3 years of combining these 2 jobs, he gradually got drawn into weddings and kept evolving ever since. Today he has shot about 140 weddings in about 7 years time. And he usually shoots about 23 weddings per year nowadays.

He has always been inspired by numerous different photographers, which influences his work in a very diverse way. Alex Webb has inspired him to explore the world of layering. Fille's own background as a festival photographer has brought him a very dynamic style of shooting, focussed on human emotion, light, and colors.

Fille is also a keen travel photographer and loves to combine this with his job as a wedding photographer.

2 Awards voor documentaire huwelijksfotografie